How We Operate


First step is to gather all the supplies you’re interested in selling together and make sure they’re in front you when you call or use the online quote system. In order for us to quote you we need some key info that you can only find on the supplies themselves. The key info we need to quote you is the Brand, Count, and Expiration Date. All supplies we buy must be unused, unopened, undamaged, and have 6 months expiration or better. There are rare cases where we are able to buy shorter date or damaged supplies but it will be for a much lower rate.We ask that you do not remove any labels yourself because we have our own team that is trained to remove labels without damaging the box. We ask that you just mark out any undesirable info with a marker. We discard all labelling via shredder. We do not keep or log any info on labels. All boxes damaged from label removing are subject to a $5-$40 price drop depending on damage.


Once you have all your supplies gathered and in front of you give us a call to get your quote or if you prefer use our online system. If you call, you will speak with one of our Quote Specialists. They will request the brand, counts, and expiration dates of your supplies so they can provide you with the exact dollar amount we’ll be able to give you for your supplies. We give our highest price points for supplies with expiration dates that are 12+ months from expiration. If you are using our online system just input the requested information and you should receive a quote for your supplies within 30 minutes via the preferred method of contact you chose.


After you have been quoted our Quote Specialists will ask you if you would like to set up a scheduled pickup. We do door service or we can meet in a public establishment such as grocery store, library, etc. Our Quote Specialist will set up your pickup with you for your preferred day, time, and location. A lot of times if you call early enough we’re able to get you scheduled for the same day! If you’re using our online quote system once you receive your quote give us a call or text to set up your scheduled pickup. We have $20 minimum for standard pickup. Don’t worry we can pickup less! We have a daily standby pickup list! Ask Quote Specialist for more details!


Our Collection Specialist will give you a call 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled pickup to give you a heads up and updated ETA. Upon arrival our Collection Specialist will inspect all supplies and verify all the information over the phone. If any supplies are shorter dated or more damaged than stated over the phone, the Collection Specialist will adjust the quote accordingly. Once all supplies are verified the Collection Specialist will provide with a form for you to initial and sign. Once you initial and sign the Collection Specialist will pay you the agreed quote in cash. The form you will initial and sign states that these supplies are not stolen and we are paying you the agreed upon quote in cash. Also that they are your supplies, you are selling for someone you know, or somebody who passed. We do not buy stolen supplies!